Sukin Hydrating Mist Toner – The Best Toner for Sensitive Skin?!

Sukin_TonerI love Sukin products as a whole and this one was definitely not a disappointment. I’ve actually just finished up using this bottle. Sukin is a great brand for sensitive skin types because they are very conscious about not using potentially irritating ingredients. This toner is a very light formula and is especially great if your skin is at all irritated. I’ve been using this after chemically exfoliating my skin and it’s really helped to prevent my skin from feeling at all dry.

You can spritz this directly onto the face if you prefer, or onto a cotton pad as I do. It is quite a light mist so if you apply it directly to the face make sure to fully cover your whole face.

Because this is so light and non-irritant it also makes a great summer face mist. This is very gentle on sunburnt skin. My skin gets super sensitive and sometimes irritated by even my usual gentle products but this toner was just great.

Definitely recommend this and while I like to keep trying out new products I think I may have to get a little bottle of this to add to my skincare essentials.

Annabelle x

Review: The YEON Lotus Flower Sheet Mask – Whitening & Brightening

Lotus_MaskStraight off I’m going to say I really liked this mask. The packaging is lovely and when you open it there is a lot of serum. The mask inside is really well soaked and the entire time I had it on (about 15 minutes) it didn’t feel at all dry on my face. The mask fit really well to my face, which is very unusual for me as I do have a bit of an awkward face shape. The mask itself is fairly thick so it was easier to unfold from the packet without risking tearing it.

Once on the serum was really nice and cooling even though I hadn’t put it in the fridge first and it left my skin feeling really moisturised. Out of any mask I’ve tried this was actually has to be the most moisturising.

Now this all sounds wonderful, right? There is however one, possibly major, issue. I really didn’t feel that this mask lightened or brightened my skin. While with these sorts of masks they do usually emphasise that repeated use is how to get these results I really didn’t see any difference at all. Personally I don’t mind because this was otherwise such a nice mask and it left my skin feeling really great. I would definitely buy this mask again but if you are looking for a brightening/whitening sheet mask specifically then this wouldn’t be ideal.

Annabelle x

Review: Institut Karite Shea Night Cream


This cream is a very thick consistency, which is what I prefer in an eye cream. It isn’t actually labelled as an eye cream but that’s what I like to use it for. Shea is a great moisturising ingredient but can be quite heavy. If you have dry skin this could be quite a good multi-purpose product but for those like me with oily skin I would avoid putting this elsewhere. Ā It does take a little bit of time to sink in but it’s very moisturising and I feel gives my under-eye area a little boost. The pot is a little too large for me to take travelling but if I’m home this is my favourite eye cream to use.


Annabelle x

Review: Skinfood Black Sugar Wash Off Mask


I absolutely love this product and the hype around it is spot on with this. I admit it doesn’t look the nicest inside (see below) but it does smell quite nice and sweet. After I’ve cleansed my face I take a little bit of this product, add a little hot water and then spread over my face, rubbing it into my skin gently. I then leave it on for 15 mins and then wash off and continue on with the rest of my morning/evening routine. Even though I have very sensitive skin and so usually avoid physical exfoliators this particular one doesn’t cause my skin to flare up at all, which is pretty rare. If you have sensitive skin you can dilute this product as I do by mixing it with a bit of warm/hot water and also by simply applying it to the skin rather than rubbing it in.


Straight away my skin is left looking glowy and naturally bright. I use this a couple of times a week and while you can use it in the evening as well I would recommend using it in the morningĀ just because it starts your day off with great skin. Ā I really recommend trying it out andĀ I will definitely repurchase this.Ā This product comes in a range of varieties such as strawberry and I’m planning on trying out the whole collection. You can get this product in the UK as well now in places like Boots (though it is a little more expensive).

Annabelle x

Review: Tony Moly Egg Pore Blackhead Steam Balm


Yes, it is literally an egg…

This steaming balm comes in this very cute packaging, with a yolk lid and inside (see below). To apply you put this on the targeted areas where you have blackheads (either before or after cleansing, it works for either). You then rub it into the skin for about 3 to 5 minutes. If you have sensitive skin then be careful to work this gently into your skin, scrubbing won’t make it work any better and will just irritate your skin.

TMBSB_2I find that this product doesn’t get rid of my blackheads but it does bring them to the surface of my skin, which I find makes them easier to treat. This isn’t a quick-fix product but if you’re willing to incorporate this into your skincare routine for a longer period it can be a useful little product.

Annabelle x

Review: Mogador Nurturing Eye Cream


This eye cream (Amazon, Ā£12) is a very light, soft cream enriched with argan oil. The pot isn’t very big (30ml) but the cream is so light that you really don’t need much at all. It’s very gentle, so if you have very sensitive or thin skin around your eyes this product would be great. Personally I’ve found this to be a bit too much like a lotion rather than the thicker creams I prefer for my eyes. I actually use this instead to put on my smile lines because it makes a great anti-ageing product for your skin as it’s light and doesn’t risk clogging up your pores. As I’m only in my twenties I don’t like putting on specifically anti-ageing products because I like to keep my skin care routine simple and not add in extra things that my skin doesn’t yet need.


While it is glass its small size makes this perfect for travelling and I use this as both an eye and face cream when travelling and don’t want to bring too many products.

Overall, while this isn’t my preferred eye cream its handy travel size and use as a face cream means I would repurchase this product.

Annabelle x

Review: Chanel Rouge Coco Shine No. 54 Boy Lipstick

Chanel_Lipstick_5ThisĀ is a lipstick that I’ve repurchased now multiple times and remains one of my go to favourites. The colour comes out lighter than the picture here shows although I do find the pictures on the online shopping websites make it look a little lighter than it is. I got this from the Chanel counter in Boots for Ā£20, though most places sell this for around Ā£28. You can buy this at Debenhams and House of Fraser, among other places.



The lipstick is a warm, darker nude.Ā It’s great for quickly putting on and instantly looking like you’ve put time into your lips. As it is a little darker than my natural lip colour I sometimes lighten this with a sheer lip gloss or one that’s just a shade lighter. This lipstick is quite moisturising on the lips and it doesn’t dry out my lips as many lipsticks can do. It lasts quite a while, especially if you seal it with a little gloss on top.

So while this certainly isn’t the cheapest lipstick around I feel it is worth the money. This range offers lipsticks in a whole varietyĀ of colours and I have quite a few different ones because of how much I like them.

Annabelle x

Review: The Face Shop Jeju Volcanic Lava Peel-Off Clay Nose Mask

TFS_Jeju_Nose_Clay)MaskI bought this product to try and tackle my blackheads (sadly they’re incredibly persistent). I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about jeju volcanic lava and it’s a popularĀ ingredient for innisfree, which is one of my favourite skincare brands. I bought this mask for about Ā£6.00 in TK Maxx and you can get it online from places like Yesstyle for pretty much the same price.

So I have to admit my first impression of this product was a bit mixed. The smell is pretty nice and I quite like the simple packing. The mask has a very sticky, almost rubbery texture. I’ve never seen a mask like it before and I actually looked it up online to check that it really was supposed to be like that! It is super easy to use, you just put it on your nose in a fairly thick and even layer, leave it to dry for about 10-15 minutes and then peel it off. Afterwards my nose actually felt really nice and soft, which is a nice side effect. With sensitive skin as well I often have problems with clay masks if they are a little harsh but this was really gentle on my skin.

If you put it on using your fingers (as I do) you will need to wash it off your hands under some warm water because in its non-dried form this product is quite stubborn to get off.

After using it for a while to be honest I didn’t really notice a big change in reducing my blackheads but since it does leave my skin soft and glowy I will finish it off. If you have a serious issue with blackheads you might want to try a chemical BHA product instead as this will go into your pores and be less harsh on your skin. I’ll be trying out some different BHA products so if you’re interested I’ll be posting about that in the near future.

Annabelle x


Review: My Beauty Diary White Lily Brightening Essence Mask

MBD_White_Lily_MaskI’ve used a lot of different MBD sheet masks before and I’ve liked all them so far, this one included. MBD is a great Taiwanese brand that is pretty much credited with starting off the whole sheet mask craze.

This sheet mask comes with lots of essence so there’s plenty left over to put on your skin (it’s especially good to put it on your neck) or to save forĀ a later time to give it a little boost. While you should seal the packet if you don’t want to use it pretty soon I have found that if you use this mask in the evening then put on the essence in the morning you can leave out sealing the packet if you can’t be bothered or simply forget.

MBD masks do tend to be quite small and they are often very thin so you have to be careful not to rip them. Before opening the little packet it’s best to check if the mask is in the way of where you’re trying to tear the packet open as you can accidentally tear the mask from this. But they’re also really light on your skin and very gentle. This particular mask sheet contains Multi-silk, which is super soft on your skin. After using this mask I really feel like my skin has a noticeable dewy glow. It’s a really nice mask for brightening your skin and since you can buy it in a set it’s pretty cheap too.

Annabelle x