Review: L’Oreal Paris La Palette Glam Eyeshadow Palette


I originally bought this pallet because of the bright colours (and the cheap price) and to be honest I didn’t really expect too much of this. I didn’t have a bright pink shade and this palette was actually cheaper than buying an individual eye shadow colour. Retailing at between £7-£10 (depending on where you get it) this is a lot cheaper than, for example, the Urban Decay Naked Palette. I’ve been very pleasantly surprised though by the quality of this product and I actually really like this palette.


A lot of the colours aren’t ones I would use for my everyday make up but the pigmentation is actually very good. The far left colour is actually quite a good transition shade for fairer skin like mine and the two pinks in the middle are great for doing a brighter pink eye shadow look. Because of the variety of shades in the palette it’s not ideal if you wanted to do for example a layered up eye shadow look as there is only one or two shades of each colour. I usually use these to add a bit of colour to my eyes after I’ve built up my eye shadow with a different palette.

So while I wouldn’t use this everyday or for a full eyshadow look this palette is very affordable and good quality too. If you are looking for a palette to do a colourful eye look or just want to add a bit of colour without spending too much this palette would be great.

Annabelle x

Review: L’Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes Mascara: Feline

LOreal_Million_Lashes_Mascara_1So I got this mascara a little while ago (£10.99, Superdrug) because I needed a new big volume mascara. I had heard some good things about this mascara though I admit the lovely metallic packaging was also a big draw. I just love anything metallic.

This mascara does give you good volume and makes your eyes look really open. Though I’d definitely curl your eyelashes beforehand if you don’t usually because it can be a bit heavy, especially if you use more than one coat of it. The fallout isn’t too bad, though you do occasionally get black marks under your eyes from it. I’d probably recommend putting this on before your foundation as it doesn’t wipe away too easily. I have quite long lashes naturally so if you have shorter lashes you should be alright.

While this gives you great volume it can be a bit clumpy so you’d want to either have a little brush to separate out the lashes or put it on top of a more delicate mascara. Personally I like to use it over the Dior Diorshow Iconic High Definition Lash Curler Mascara (£25, Boots). If you want something a bit cheaper though I find little travel sized mascaras are often great as an under-layer.

Overall, I liked this mascara but since it was more good than amazing I probably would try something else rather than repurchase it.

Annabelle x

Mini Superdrug Clearance Haul

My local Superdrug set up a clearance isle so naturally I used the excuse to stock up on a few things. It turned out a bit pink…

All the prices on here are the retail prices. In clearance it came to only £10 altogether.


Garnier_Moisture_Bomb_MaskGarnier Moisture Bomb Camomile Tissue Mask, £2.99 (Superdrug)

This is a new Garnier sheet mask so it’s not being stocked in some shops yet but I imagine it will be everywhere very soon. I’ve not tried any of the Garnier sheet masks before but I’ve heard very good things about them. I wanted to try this range out to compare it with the Korean and other sheet mask products. As this is stocked in many high street shops for someone living in the UK it’d be really useful to have easily accessible sheet masks that I can buy in store. This particular one is aimed at soothing the skin and leaving it nice and soft. It is specifically aimed at sensitive (as well as dry) skin so I’ll be interested to see my skin reacts to it.

Garnier_Rose_Water_TonerGarnier Naturals Rose Water Toner [200ml], £2.29 (Superdrug)

If I were judging this product just on appearance I think it’d win first prize. This cute pink toner is part of the same Garnier range as the mask above and is also aimed at soothing sensitive skin. This is also a new product and contains 96% natural ingredients so it should be as gentle on your skin as it claims.



L'Oreal_Cleansing_MilkL’Oreal Paris Skin Perfecting Cleansing Milk [200ml], £3.99 (Superdrug)

Cleansing milks are my current new love at the moment so I picked this one to try out. I like to double cleanse so I use a cleansing milk after my main cleanser to soften my skin and give it a nice glow. I’ve found with cleansing milks in the past that using them by themselves doesn’t leave my skin feeling as clean as I’d like so I wouldn’t use them as a cleanser on their own. I’ve previously bought a toner from this L’Oreal range, which I found a bit heavy for my skin so I’ll be interested to see how this one turns out.

Neutrogenia_Grapefruit_MoisturiserNeutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Oil Free Moisturiser [50ml], £4.99 (Superdrug)

I’ve seen this product before in a pink box but this cute little poka dot one has to be my prefered one. This light moisturiser aims to hydrate your face while not clogging up your pores. If it works as fantastically as it smells then I’ll be very excited indeed.




NIVEA Pearly Shine SPF 10 Lip Balm [4.8g], £2.15 (Superdrug)

When it comes to lip balms you can never have too many. This cute little pink one adds a nice shine to your lips and is great to just keep with you in your bag. I’ve used the NIVEA lip balms quite a lot before and never had any problems so I’m expecting this one to be pretty good.



Annabelle x