Simple Evening Skincare Routine for Oily Skin

Very excited to share the first in a little skincare series I’m doing, with this one focusing on those of you in particular with sensitive and oily skin. This routine can be used for any different skin types though 🙂 Enjoy!

Annabelle x

Review: Institut Karite Shea Night Cream


This cream is a very thick consistency, which is what I prefer in an eye cream. It isn’t actually labelled as an eye cream but that’s what I like to use it for. Shea is a great moisturising ingredient but can be quite heavy. If you have dry skin this could be quite a good multi-purpose product but for those like me with oily skin I would avoid putting this elsewhere.  It does take a little bit of time to sink in but it’s very moisturising and I feel gives my under-eye area a little boost. The pot is a little too large for me to take travelling but if I’m home this is my favourite eye cream to use.


Annabelle x