Review: L’Oreal Paris La Palette Glam Eyeshadow Palette


I originally bought this pallet because of the bright colours (and the cheap price) and to be honest I didn’t really expect too much of this. I didn’t have a bright pink shade and this palette was actually cheaper than buying an individual eye shadow colour. Retailing at between £7-£10 (depending on where you get it) this is a lot cheaper than, for example, the Urban Decay Naked Palette. I’ve been very pleasantly surprised though by the quality of this product and I actually really like this palette.


A lot of the colours aren’t ones I would use for my everyday make up but the pigmentation is actually very good. The far left colour is actually quite a good transition shade for fairer skin like mine and the two pinks in the middle are great for doing a brighter pink eye shadow look. Because of the variety of shades in the palette it’s not ideal if you wanted to do for example a layered up eye shadow look as there is only one or two shades of each colour. I usually use these to add a bit of colour to my eyes after I’ve built up my eye shadow with a different palette.

So while I wouldn’t use this everyday or for a full eyshadow look this palette is very affordable and good quality too. If you are looking for a palette to do a colourful eye look or just want to add a bit of colour without spending too much this palette would be great.

Annabelle x