Review: PS Primark Four Dark Circle Reducing Sunflower Eye Patches

DSC_0007As you can see from the picture these were only a pound so I thought I would try these out. I’m constantly on the search for cheaper skincare products and Primark now has quite a big range of products.

I like the packaging of this product but I wasn’t really crazy about the patches themselves. While it says four on the packet you actually get two pairs of patches rather than four actual sets (see below). It’s not technically lying but it just annoyed me a little that they hadn’t been very clear. Either way it’s only a pound…



These patches have an adhesive side that you stick to your under-eyes in the usual style of UK/European eye patches. You are supposed to put these on for around 20-30 minutes. They stayed on very well and didn’t move around at all on my face as some under-eye patches can. After about 25 minutes I removed them but saw only a little difference. I do have very dark circles under my eyes though so on someone with less severe circles these might be alright. For me they weren’t really enough. They didn’t leave any sort of stickiness or redness on my under-eye skin though so they would be okay for sensitive skin.

So these were an alright product but nothing too exciting. The search for good under-eye patches continues…

Annabelle x

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