Review: PS Primark Four Dark Circle Reducing Sunflower Eye Patches

DSC_0007As you can see from the picture these were only a pound so I thought I would try these out. I’m constantly on the search for cheaper skincare products and Primark now has quite a big range of products.

I like the packaging of this product but I wasn’t really crazy about the patches themselves. While it says four on the packet you actually get two pairs of patches rather than four actual sets (see below). It’s not technically lying but it just annoyed me a little that they hadn’t been very clear. Either way it’s only a pound…



These patches have an adhesive side that you stick to your under-eyes in the usual style of UK/European eye patches. You are supposed to put these on for around 20-30 minutes. They stayed on very well and didn’t move around at all on my face as some under-eye patches can. After about 25 minutes I removed them but saw only a little difference. I do have very dark circles under my eyes though so on someone with less severe circles these might be alright. For me they weren’t really enough. They didn’t leave any sort of stickiness or redness on my under-eye skin though so they would be okay for sensitive skin.

So these were an alright product but nothing too exciting. The search for good under-eye patches continues…

Annabelle x

Review: The YEON Lotus Flower Sheet Mask – Whitening & Brightening

Lotus_MaskStraight off I’m going to say I really liked this mask. The packaging is lovely and when you open it there is a lot of serum. The mask inside is really well soaked and the entire time I had it on (about 15 minutes) it didn’t feel at all dry on my face. The mask fit really well to my face, which is very unusual for me as I do have a bit of an awkward face shape. The mask itself is fairly thick so it was easier to unfold from the packet without risking tearing it.

Once on the serum was really nice and cooling even though I hadn’t put it in the fridge first and it left my skin feeling really moisturised. Out of any mask I’ve tried this was actually has to be the most moisturising.

Now this all sounds wonderful, right? There is however one, possibly major, issue. I really didn’t feel that this mask lightened or brightened my skin. While with these sorts of masks they do usually emphasise that repeated use is how to get these results I really didn’t see any difference at all. Personally I don’t mind because this was otherwise such a nice mask and it left my skin feeling really great. I would definitely buy this mask again but if you are looking for a brightening/whitening sheet mask specifically then this wouldn’t be ideal.

Annabelle x

Review: L’Oreal Paris La Palette Glam Eyeshadow Palette


I originally bought this pallet because of the bright colours (and the cheap price) and to be honest I didn’t really expect too much of this. I didn’t have a bright pink shade and this palette was actually cheaper than buying an individual eye shadow colour. Retailing at between £7-£10 (depending on where you get it) this is a lot cheaper than, for example, the Urban Decay Naked Palette. I’ve been very pleasantly surprised though by the quality of this product and I actually really like this palette.


A lot of the colours aren’t ones I would use for my everyday make up but the pigmentation is actually very good. The far left colour is actually quite a good transition shade for fairer skin like mine and the two pinks in the middle are great for doing a brighter pink eye shadow look. Because of the variety of shades in the palette it’s not ideal if you wanted to do for example a layered up eye shadow look as there is only one or two shades of each colour. I usually use these to add a bit of colour to my eyes after I’ve built up my eye shadow with a different palette.

So while I wouldn’t use this everyday or for a full eyshadow look this palette is very affordable and good quality too. If you are looking for a palette to do a colourful eye look or just want to add a bit of colour without spending too much this palette would be great.

Annabelle x

Review: COSRX Acne Master Pimple Patches

DSC_0377My review on this has been long overdue. I’ll start off by saying that I love this product and it’s one of my absolute could not live without products. It consists of a set of patches that you apply onto spots to draw out all the nastiness and reduce the redness, which helps get rid of spots quickly and easily. These patches are little round shapes that come in a variety of sizes to fit whatever spots you might have.

To apply these you just cleanse the area around the spot and then place the patch over the spot. A little cleansing hack is to take a cotton bud (q-tip) and wet one end with micellar water. Just swab the cotton bud over the area around the spot and if you get the skin too damp you can use the other end of the cotton bud to dry it slightly before applying the patch. I just find this helps get the area as clean as possible so the patches can work to their fullest.

You leave the patches on for about 4 hours to overnight, depending on when you apply them. The patches turn from clear to white to indicate when they should be removed.  If the spot is still being stubborn you can apply multiple patches in a row until it is gone.

I find one or two patches are usually enough unless it’s a particularly awkward spot. These are super easy to use and really not expensive at all. The only downside I have with these patches is that they aren’t really sold in the UK (they really should be!) so I have to order them online. But I definitely recommend these and they are especially great if you need to try and clear up a spot quickly because you have a party or a particular event to go to, particularly if there are going to be pictures.

Annabelle x