Review: Chanel Rouge Coco Shine No. 54 Boy Lipstick

Chanel_Lipstick_5This is a lipstick that I’ve repurchased now multiple times and remains one of my go to favourites. The colour comes out lighter than the picture here shows although I do find the pictures on the online shopping websites make it look a little lighter than it is. I got this from the Chanel counter in Boots for £20, though most places sell this for around £28. You can buy this at Debenhams and House of Fraser, among other places.



The lipstick is a warm, darker nude. It’s great for quickly putting on and instantly looking like you’ve put time into your lips. As it is a little darker than my natural lip colour I sometimes lighten this with a sheer lip gloss or one that’s just a shade lighter. This lipstick is quite moisturising on the lips and it doesn’t dry out my lips as many lipsticks can do. It lasts quite a while, especially if you seal it with a little gloss on top.

So while this certainly isn’t the cheapest lipstick around I feel it is worth the money. This range offers lipsticks in a whole variety of colours and I have quite a few different ones because of how much I like them.

Annabelle x

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