Review: GOSH Eyebrow Kit

GOSH_Eyebrow_2I bought this GOSH Eyebrow Kit Multi (£8.99, Superdrug) a couple of months ago and it’s been a staple part of my make-up ever since. The kit is designed to both fill and shape brows. I have quite big eyebrows and I’ve found this kit great for filling in the gaps in my eyebrows without actually making them look bigger or darker. You can easily do this as well of course. The powder comes in three different shades and are easy to mix together if none of them quite match you. The kit also contains a little eyebrow wax to fix your eyebrows in place once you’ve finished and to hold in the powder.

GOSH_Eyebrows_BetterYou don’t get much gel compared to the powder so you may find (as I am now) that while the powder lasts a long while the gel runs out before. I’m now having to buy a clear gel to fix my eyebrows after I’ve filled them in. Despite this though the eyebrow kit is definitely one of my favourite products currently in my make-up bag and I really recommend it. The little mirror means you can just pop this kit in your bag and touch up your brows if and when you need to.

Annabelle x

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