April Empties

So here’s a little round up of my empties from April. I seem to have run out of perfumes in particular this month (so I suspect perfumes will be appearing in my haul posts quite soon).


2chic_Hair_Mask_BetterGiovanni 2chic Blackberry & Coconut Milk Ultra-repair Intensive Hair Mask, £4.88 (Amazon)

While this was a gift and so I didn’t buy this through Amazon the Giovanni 2chic range isn’t too hard to get online. This product was the first one I’d used from this range and I was quite impressed. It really helps soften dry and brittle hair and gives it a nice shine. The hair mask is very thick though so if you have quite long hair you won’t get too many uses out of it.


Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub, £8.75 [100g] (Lush)

This is a re-purchase and one of my favourite face products. I’m a big fan of Lush products because of how gentle they are on sensitive skin. This scrub really exfoliates your face without irritating it and is very gentle if you have any spots. I really only use it on my face as the small pots aren’t really enough to use on your body as well. The larger 600g pot (£28.95) however would be perfect if you want a gentle exfoliator for your whole body.


Nivea Daily Essentials Sensitive 3 in 1 Caring Micellar Water, £3.69 (Boots)

This is another re-purchase. You can buy this cleanser easily at a whole range of high street shops, online ones and even supermarkets. Specifically designed for sensitive skin this cleanser leaves your skin feeling really clean. It’s also nice and light and I like to use it as part of my double cleansing in the morning along with a milky cleanser.

Now onto the perfumes…


So I finally stopped being able to eek out the last drops of these perfumes and have had to consign them to empties at long last. These three are some of my favourite scents and while I haven’t re-purchased any of them at the moment I’m sure they’ll crop up again on this blog sooner or later.


Chanel No. 5 Eau de Toilette Spray, £62 [50ml] (Boots)

So yes this is both an incredibly famous perfume and also an incredibly expensive one. The No. 5 has a very musky scent to it so if you’re looking for a Chanel perfume but prefer floral scents you might do better with the Coco Mademoiselle (also about £62 although you can find it cheaper if you’re willing to shop around online for it). If you know you like and want to buy the the No. 5 it is cheaper by unit price to get the 100ml (though it does mean splashing out £88!). I really loved the perfume (I’m more of a fan of musky scents than floral) but it is rather pricey so while I recommend it I also suggest trying to find it in a sale.


Gucci Bamboo Eau de Toilette, £55 (50ml) (Boots)

This perfume too is a little on the expensive side. I tend to get my perfumes from Boots as they have some very good discounts if you keep an eye on them. This perfume is the only one I’ve ever bought after smelling one of those samples you get in magazines and even now I still think it’s one of the nicest smelling perfumes I’ve ever come across. It has quite a musky scent to it so again it’s probably not ideal if you prefer lighter floral scents. It is also very long lasting, the best of any perfume I’ve tried yet.


Giorgio Armani Sì Eau de Toilette, £45 [30ml] (Boots)

This one was a gift so I’ve simply listed Boots here as an example as you can get it from a wide range of shops. This is the most floral out of the three, although it isn’t an overly sweet scent. While I liked the scent it didn’t stay particularly well so I had to re-apply it quite frequently. It’s a nice scent that offers something floral yet with a hint of muskiness that acts as a nice mid-way point between the two. Despite this though I probably wouldn’t buy this for myself because having to re-apply it frequently means that you quickly work your way through quite an expensive perfume. Although if someone gave it to me as gift again I certainly wouldn’t say no.

Annabelle x

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