Missha Line Friends Aqua Sun Gel

This product is part of  a very cute collaboration between Missha and Line Friends and I love the packaging of this whole range. For those of you who are used to the much heavier sun cream you can buy in the UK, this Korean sun cream is a super light, non-greasy formula for your face.... Continue Reading →

Beijing (北京)

  Compared to Shanghai or Hong Kong Beijing definitely has a very different feel to it. If you've ever been to Berlin then you'll know what I mean when I say Beijing is a city that's constantly building. Buildings are being constructed all the time and you get a feel of a city that's really... Continue Reading →

The Forbidden City

I mean, can you really visit Beijing and not go to the Forbidden City? I definitely recommend getting up early to beat the crowds as there was only a short queue when we went but when we left there was a major queue winding down the pavement to enter. To get into the Forbidden City... Continue Reading →

The Many Trains of China

Thought I would write a little post about how I got around China, in case anyone else is looking to travel by train in China as well. Its a great way to get to see more of the countryside of China, rather than just visit the main cities and is generally cheaper than flying. For... Continue Reading →

The Great Wall of China

The first of quite a few posts about my recent trip to China and my absolute favourite place I've been to in China! The Great Wall really is just stunning to see, it's so huge pictures really can't capture it. If you are going to be in China I definitely recommend visiting. There are quite... Continue Reading →

Japan Travels

Since I've been posting mostly on my YouTube channel I just thought I'd share my latest vlog from Japan with you. If you want to see more of what I've been up to these last months just hop over and have a look 🙂 I'll be posting on both my blog and my channel from... Continue Reading →

Yes, I’m still alive…

It has been absolutely ages since I last posted on here as I have been insanely busy these last months. I'm now living in Hong Kong and have mostly been prioritising my YouTube channel while I've been here. Hopefully now though I'll be able to focus more on my blog again and I just want... Continue Reading →

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